stateless plug-in (1.0.1)


The stateless plug-in (version 1.0.1) was a digital advocacy project about the issue of stateless people. The project ran actively from March-November 2011, in collaboration with 

the Mediafonds, Amsterdam. The plug-in is a browser extension that intervenes in digital territory, transforming the issue of stateless people into a multifaceted digital mapping of 

existing knowledge and information on the Internet.

Project Context

A stateless person is someone with no citizenship or nationality. According to the United Nations and Refugees International, an estimated 12-15 million people in the world are 

not citizens of any state, and are therefore inherently deprived of the right to have rights. The issue of statelessness is largely underrepresented and unseen, similarly to stateless 

people themselves. Therefore, this project collects and filters a vast amount of significant, yet disconnected sources on the internet, ranging across diverse issues, medias, qualities, 

characteristics and perspectives. From global, regional, national and local policy, organization and news sources, to individual blogs, videos and photographs showing the 

perspectives of travellers and stateless people’s observations and lived experiences, this archive of information presents a diverse and multifaceted experience of the issue.     

By flagging 30 words adopted from web-idiom, thousands of existing links presenting an extensive range of positions on statelessness are interconnected in an unanticipated way. 

Therefore, when installed in ones browser, the stateless plug-in generates an unpredicted non-linear and dynamic storyline with space for unanticipated thoughts and connections. 

This project offers a critical comment towards the lack of attention on the issue by intervening in existing digital territory, and by beseeching the users attention through the infiltration 

of their usual browsing behaviour.

The project was presented in the context of amongst other places the 'Media Squares' conference on new forms of protest and their media at the De Balie in Amsterdam, the 

Netherlands; the project space Design Quartier Ehrenfeld in Cologne, Germany; and at the Fine Art Department at the University of Georgia, United States, in the context of their

net-art classes. The project was furthermore digitally shared/hosted by amongst others blog 'networked_performance', a research blog focused on emerging network-

enabled practice;, an active news and documentation tool for the emerging practices of tactical media, Amsterdam Graduate Scool of Social Sciences, 

Athens Influx, and on Firefox and Chrome official plug-in sites.    


The extension was developed for Firefox 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, Safari 3.0 and Chrome 10.0. Following the project phase, the browser extensions where no longer updated, however, 

the developed versions can be obtained by requesting the file from the project initiators via email ( info[at] ).  


A project by: Michelle Christensen & Florian Conradi (

Programming by: Jan van Bruggen (

This project evolves out of the context of the Stifo@Sandberg Masterclass, and 

was developed further with the support of the Mediafonds Amsterdam (